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Keen to have a career you love but craving flexibility and freedom while doing so? Build a powerful Virtual Assistant business from the ground up in our transformative 1-1 coaching program, Virtual Assistant: Amplified. Ditch the overwhelm and embrace a 6-month personalised roadmap that will equip you with the confidence, skills, and strategies to kick ass in the VA industry.

Sound familiar?

You need an income, (most of us do!), but the only way to earn one seems to involve sacrificing your work/life balance and selling your soul to the powers-that-be. You're trying to juggle family life, work and a social circle whilst still finding some elusive 'me time'. You dream of building your own Virtual Assistant business, that offers the flexibility and autonomy you crave, but you don't know where to start.

This is where you start.

Transformations you'll experience on the programme:

  • You'll harness your unique strengths to shine in the VA industry 

  • You'll learn to recognise and regulate your unhelpful thinking patterns

  • You'll be able to manage Imposter Syndrome when it rears it's head

  • You'll build a business that brings you confidence and control 

  • You'll feel empowered all kicks off with a call.

Meet Hannah.

Virtual Assistant coach, ex-teacher and Mum. Having battled through the challenges of building her own successful VA business (with two small humans in tow), Hannah's on a mission to empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. With a tonne of experience, a bit of tough love and some well-timed humour (😉), she's your guide to building the VA business of your dreams.

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On a Laptop


Udderly Virtual

Anna came to us thinking her Virtual Assistant business was a 'pipe dream', worried that her skills were outdated and with no clear idea of how to market her offerings. She gained her first two clients before the programme was finished. Using the strategies she learnt, along with her new-found self-belief, she has continued to build her business, and 'Udderly Virtual' is going from strength to strength. Her 'pipe dream' is now a reality.


To discuss how this works and whether it's a good fit for you, book a no obligation call here:

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