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Hannah is such an amazing coach. She takes time to understand your needs and helps you plan and layout what your ideas are. She was always available and very approachable, which is what you need when you first start and are unsure about everything!


I was able to get my first client within 4 weeks of launching my business and it was Hannah's positivity and realism towards the industry that helped me achieve this. 3 months on I am very happy with my business and just cannot recommend Hannah enough.

Jeri Houston - Virtual Assistant

Hannah has been working with Look Again for a good while now. Her organisation, communication, and administration skills have all given me extra the time I need to deliver what I’m best at, knowing that all is in hand. Hannah is forward thinking and often suggests ways to make life easier for me. I trust her implicitly and she is a real pleasure to work with. I totally recommend Hannah not only for her skills but for her personality and enthusiasm.


Ruth Davey - Founder and Director, Look Again

I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend Hannah as your Virtual Assistant.

I was Hannah's line manager for 3 years at River Island Clothing PLC, where she worked as an Administration Assistant in a very fast-paced, high stress buying office.

Hannah was a high performer in this role and was never phased by challenges. Always on time, hard-working, well organised, professional and full of potential.

Hannah was a calm, dependable and very valued member of our team. We were very sorry to see her go but knew her future was bright!

I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough.

Jane Caen - Former Manager

Having worked with Hannah in a very busy environment, I can say that her organisation skills are excellent. Hannah is extremely efficient, with a high level of attention to detail - all while being a lovely person!

Sandra Leach - Former Manager

Hannah is a highly organised and efficient individual. When working for me, she met every deadline and had a positive approach to all that was asked of her. She was always willing to ask if she was unsure how to do something, but also able to use her initiative to solve problems. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Louise Kirk - Lead Practitioner for Maths

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