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I'm an introverted Mum who never sits still and loves bashing out some interesting shapes in weekly pole fitness classes (I know - an introvert who pole dances, weird huh).


Running my own businesses has been a long-held passion of mine, and after a couple of not-so-successful attempts, (one of which involved significant outlay on a tonne of craft materials, some of which are still sitting in my garage), Apex VA was born. True story - my flash of inspiration came to me whilst sitting with foils in in the hairdressers chair and chatting to her about the struggles she faces with business ownership. And the rest, as they say, is history.


I now divide my time between supporting other smashing small business owners as a Virtual Assistant, (crucial to keep my head in the game), and coaching aspiring VAs to build their own beautiful empires on their terms.


If you're interested in either my Virtual Assistant services or my coaching support, get in touch and we can chat.

Fashion Designer Studio
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