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Do you dream of starting your own successful virtual assistant business but feel stuck attracting those first few clients? Are you unsure where to even begin finding ideal clients or marketing yourself effectively?

Or, are you an established Virtual Assistant with your first few clients under your belt, (friends and family maybe), but are struggling to fill your books to the brim?

You're not alone! Many VAs struggle to gain momentum and consistently acquire clients, whether they’re first launching or have been at it for a while.


But it doesn't have to be that way.

Welcome to 'Virtual Assistant: Booked' - Your Path to Success!

A 4-week program designed to give you the confidence, skills, and client-attraction framework to get you in a position to successfully acquire clients for your business. Led by me, Hannah, (successful Virtual Assistant and VA coach), this program is your roadmap to success.

Here's what you'll get:

  1. Group Coaching Sessions:

•    Join our intimate group sessions held weekly, where we dive into practical strategies over 4 enlightening hours. 

•    Learn proven methods to identify and connect with your ideal clients
•    Master niche marketing
•    Learn how to use social media to your advantage
•    Develop your unique selling proposition to stand out
•    Create systems to effectively track leads and nurture relationships
•    Take full advantage of the small group environment for camaraderie and masterminding

•    And so much more!

   2. Customised Resources:

  • Gain access to my treasure trove of resources! Templates, worksheets, and tools, all at your disposal to streamline your business processes and ace your game.

   3. 1-1 Kick-Off Call:

  • A dedicated 30-minute call with me sets the stage for your personalised journey towards success.

   4. Voxer Support:

  • Reach out to me between sessions via Voxer Monday-Friday. Your questions won't wait, and neither will the solutions!

Gain clarity, confidence, and a repeatable process to consistently gain clients.

Join the 'Virtual Assistant: Booked' BETA Run: This round is exclusive and limited to only 5 participants. Grab your spot now at a discounted rate in exchange for testimonials!

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  • Anna Martin, Udderly Virtual: "Thanks so much Hannah... I can honestly say that I never thought I would get to this point, I just assumed it was a bit of a pipe dream…and now I feel so positive about my future. I mean, look at me! Running a bona fide business that I love with actual clients that I feel like I am making a difference for!"

  • Jeri Houston, Jeri Houston VA: "Hannah's positivity and realism towards the industry helped me achieve getting my first client within 4 weeks of launching my business."

  • Abi McCarthy, Good Vibes VA: "Hannah has provided me with such priceless advice and support... Her knowledge, patience, and motivation has led me to build a successful business which enables me to work from anywhere."


This program is designed for VAs who:

•    Lack confidence marketing themselves and attracting clients
•    Don't have a clear niche or ideal client profile
•    Struggle to identify and track leads consistently
•    Feel uncertain where to even start finding clients

If this sounds like you, Virtual Assistant: Booked will provide the FRAMEWORK, SKILLS, and MINDSET SHIFT you need to successfully gain clients quickly.


Take the leap and secure your place in the 'Virtual Assistant: Booked' programme. Reserve your spot now through a quick application call with me. In just 30 minutes, we'll confirm the program is right for you and get you registered.




I can't wait to work closely together and witness your client-attraction breakthrough!

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