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Are you a Virtual Assistant struggling to fill your books with clients? Dive into Virtual Assistant: Booked, our transformative group coaching program designed to elevate your business in just 3 months. Wave goodbye to doubt and hello to confidence as you uncover your unique market positioning and unlock the strategies to score high-paying clients.

I see you.

You've launched your Virtual Assistant business, (and maybe even have your first few clients), but the struggle is real! Spending countless hours on social media, sending endless DMs, and still...crickets. Doubt creeps in, questioning if you've got what it takes. Without action, you are leaving keen clients to your competitors, wasting precious time and money, and potentially returning to employment with regret.

But this isn't the end of your's the beginning!

Imagine a business that...

  • Attracts high paying ideal clients who value your expertise

  • Is known for being the go-to business in your niche

  • Has you feeling worthy, empowered and confident

  • Is giving you the income you want 

  • You love turning up for every day all starts with a call.

Meet Hannah.

Virtual Assistant coach, ex-teacher and Mum. Having battled through the challenges of building her own successful VA business (with two small humans in tow), Hannah's on a mission to empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. With a tonne of experience, a bit of tough love and some well-timed humour (😉), she's your guide to building the VA business of your dreams.

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Udderly Virtual

Anna came to us thinking her Virtual Assistant business was a 'pipe dream', worried that her skills were outdated and with no clear idea of how to market her offerings. She gained her first two clients before the programme was finished. Using the strategies she learnt, along with her new-found self-belief, she has continued to build her business, and 'Udderly Virtual' is going from strength to strength. Her 'pipe dream' is now a reality.



To discuss how this works and whether it's a good fit for you, book a no obligation call here:

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