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I am proud of the fact that I was able to set up a successful Virtual Assistant business in the middle of a pandemic.


Within weeks of registering my business, I had my first client, and my second followed shortly after that. 5 months after setting out I had reached my full (part time) capacity - including parting ways with clients and gaining new ones. By this time I was in the position to be able to pass potential clients on to other VA's if I felt they weren't the perfect fit for my skillset, and I had taken on an associate Virtual Assistant to help manage the workload.

It wasn't long before people started asking me how to do the same - set up a thriving Virtual Assistant business and attract a steady stream of ideal clients.

Well, the wait is over! I am now in the process of rolling out such services.

If you are an aspiring or new Virtual Assistant in need of advice, a guiding hand or mindset-smashing pep talk to take your ideas and business to the stratosphere, here's how I can help:

Rocket Launch

Power Hour

Got a list of burning questions that only an experienced VA can answer? We'll smash through them one by one. Set up the basics but unsure how to actually find and attract clients? We'll deep dive into it. Wherever you are on your Virtual Assistant journey, use this hour as you wish to give you and your business a boost that NASA would be proud of.

£65 - Complete the form below to get book!

Mountain Peak

1:1 Coaching

I'm a qualified teacher, so getting people from A to B, (regardless of their starting point), is my bag! If you feel drawn to ongoing support in setting up your Virtual Assistant business, then coaching may be the option for you. You will get 2 x 1 hour sessions a month for 3 months. You will also get unlimited access to me Monday-Friday in between sessions via Voxer, as well as access to all of my resources

£700 - complete the form below to book a free discovery call to find out more

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Self-paced online course

Coming soon - watch this space!