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6 Steps To Virtual Assistant Success

Step 1: Get a solid service suite.

It’s a weird one to start with, I know. But there’s method in my madness. Crucially, if you can’t offer a selection of in-demand VA services, then quite simply, you can’t have a VA business. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Better you realise this on day 1 and abandon ship, than spend precious hours scouring a thesaurus for a witty a business name, before discovering that you can’t make a living selling the word processing skills you learnt in 1990.

But fear not, my aspirational friend, for I have done the hard work for you. You can grab a list of over 55 VA services right here, then get ticking and crossing like a teacher marking spelling homework on a Sunday night…wine in hand.

Step 2: Think up a memorable business name.

The key here is the fourth word. Memorable.

No, not your own name. Not your gran’s name. Not your dog’s name.

In fact, not anyone’s name. Why?

Because as lovely as I’m sure it is, your name is memorable to no one other than your family and friends. Literally, no one else cares. And when they’re scrolling social media and come across your undoubtedly stellar post about how they can shave hours off their day with your neat little hack, they’ll remember the hack – but they won’t remember you.

I actually got on my soap box and wrote a whole blog about this very topic, so I won’t ramble on here, (yeh I know, phew!), but if you want some advice about coming up with a business name spicier than the Spice Girls themselves, have a read here.

Step 3: Get your face out there and network, network, network. Then network some more.

True story. There is another Virtual Assistant whose name is etched in my brain, for no reason other than the fact that they show up in every corner, nook and cranny of my Facebook - every. freaking. day. They’re in every group I’m in, they answer every post before I do, and they bring a whole tonne of valuable insight and advice.

I’m not knocking it – the opposite, actually. It’s bloody brilliant. If I were in the market for a VA or OBM, they’d be on my list for sure.

Answer questions, offer advice, fill your grid with fun, personality and your noteworthy knowledge. Go to networking events. Start conversations. Continue conversations. Vote on polls and comment on content.

Most importantly, (and I can’t stress this enough); treat people like people, not numbers.

Step 4: Know your USP.

I hate to break it to you, but there will be other Virtual Assistants out there who do what you do. There’ll be ones who have been doing it for longer, have more experience and a list of positive testimonials longer than Kim K’s list of surgical procedures.

You’ve got to work out how to stand the f- OUT. Be the Lady Gaga in a sea of Victoria Beckhams.

Whether it’s your quirky personality, your admirable dedication to living a sustainable lifestyle or your affinity to all things animal related, get gutsy and put it out there.

That, (and not your clever business name), is what will attract your soul-aligned clients.

Step 5: Nail down your niches.

If I had £1 for every time someone told me they don’t want to niche down because they don’t want to limit their target market, I wouldn’t be living in a 3 bed terrace and shopping at Aldi, (actually, I probably would still shop at Aldi – who doesn’t love a special buy?!).

Anyway, my point is that selling everything to everyone is like throwing partially-cooked pasta at Jeremy Clarkson’s face and seeing what sticks.

Having 2-3 solid niches enables you to home in on your client’s pain points, target your marketing and become the go-to guru for all things admin in those industries.

Once you’re that person – you’re in demand, and you raise your prices accordingly. Woohoo!

Step 6: Know your worth.

I’ve saved the best, (and undoubtedly, the hardest), till last.

Not believing their skills are valuable, (and not pricing them appropriately), is one of the most common blocks points my coaching clients face.

It’s all too easy to find something easy, then devalue it assuming that the world and his wife can whip up an attractive Canva graphic in minutes, proofread perfectly or slim down a sizeable inbox of emails.

They can’t.

Or maybe, they just don’t have the time nor the inclination to do it. And finding someone that will do it, and do it well, is worth its weight in gold.

Put simply, it all boils down to this. If you set your rates too low, you’ll attract clients who just don’t see the value in what you do. And why should they if you clearly don’t see it either?

To get a client to believe in you, you’ve got to first believe in yourself. So pull up your big-girl pants, set your powerful rates, and stick to them.


And there you have it. 6 steps to virtual assistant success.

Are they all easy? Nope.

Are they worth it? I’ll let you answer that one when you’ve done them…and you’re sitting in your office as CEO of your own, powerful Virtual Assistant business, remembering how you once read a blog by an amazing VA coach…

Whether you’re an aspiring Virtual Assistant, a newbie or a veteran, come and join my wonderful Facebook community – The Virtual Assistant Power Academy – to meet like-minded people and get a tonne of free support!

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