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20 Tasks I Can Take off your Hands

Time is precious, particularly in business. When running your own company, you often need to be everything and everyone – the Director, the secretary, the social media guru, the IT specialist…the list goes on! And there aren’t always enough hours in the day.

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. That, ladies and gentlemen, is where I come in.

I can do some of those time-consuming, stressful, never-fully-done tasks for you, freeing you up to direct your valuable attention elsewhere.

Interested? Read on…

1. Emails: This is the number one job I get asked to help with. I can create a system that works for you, whether that is summarising the content in an easy-to-digest document, sending holding emails, deleting (under your rules), or sending out links to webinars/zoom meetings

2. Newsletters: Either typed from your audio/notes or created be me from a basic idea provided by you. I can design them, format them, disseminate them, upload them to your various platforms…the full package!

3. Transcription: From audio or video. Pure and simple! Also, any voicemail that can be sent as an email can be sent to me to type up for you – and I will note down any action points for you so that nothing slips through the net!

4. Meeting arrangements: I will create calendar events, send invites, confirm attendees and setup on zoom or teams

5. Minute-taking: From live virtual meetings or recorded audio/video. Prices start at £1.30 per minute of meeting.

6. Social media upkeep: Social media is a major cog in the marketing and promotion of any business, yet keeping on top of posting yourself whilst simultaneously engaging with the content of others can eat up huge chunks of your time. I can create ad-hoc posts on your behalf, schedule future posts and oversee your Direct Messages.

7. Research: Need to find the cheapest stationary? Want to send all your clients a Christmas gift? On the hunt for a planner laid out to your specific requirements? I will scour the internet, browse the catalogues and make the calls to make it happen.

8. Diary management: I can ensure your work life runs like a well-oiled machine. Want a clear, colour-coded calendar with the perfect amount of time allocated to each and every task? Consider it done.

9. Travel bookings: This one speaks for itself – transport, accommodation, event tickets – all researched, compared and organised for you. Just tell me where and when!

10. Inbox sorting: For some, there is nothing more stressful that an email inbox that is bursting at the seams. Yet to go through them and actually do something with them is painstaking and tedious. You’re in luck – organisation is my middle name! (Actually, it isn’t. But it definitely, definitely should be). I will create an email filing system which works for you.

11. Proofreading: It is all to easy to miss inaccuracies in your own work, particularly when you’ve been in a rush to complete it, or, conversely, have spent days and weeks staring at the same document. Well-phrased, accurate content makes your business look professional. With a strong grammatical understanding, I can cast a final eye over anything before it is published.

12. Ghost-writing blogs: I love writing blogs, but it is time consuming. Nonetheless, they are so useful in getting your word out there and showcasing your ideas.

13. Presentations: Need a presentation made/tidied up/updated? Want it to have all the bells and whistles - animation, embedded videos, and slides that advance themselves? Look no further.

14. Spreadsheets/graphs: Excel isn’t for everyone, and I understand that. Luckily for those people, my affinity for structure and order is drawn to spreadsheets like a moth to a flame.

15. Creating and maintaining galleries of your work: This can all-too-easily fall by the wayside when juggling a jam-packed diary. I can make sure your work, (articles, photographs, publications, media), is showcased in the best way.

16. Requesting and updating customer testimonials: Customers all normally all-too-happy to leave a positive testimonial for you, but – shocker – they are busy too! Sometimes a gentle nudge in the right direction is all they need.

17. Ordering of goods and materials: Does what it says on the tin!

18. Creating and maintaining electronic online filing systems: In case you hadn’t worked it out already – I LOVE organisation. I should have a mug printed. And a T-shirt. There is nothing more satisfying for me than sorting, collating and filing things. If your OneDrive, (or other storage system), is a mess then…let me at it!

19. Send and maintain a ‘pending’ list: Each week I can send you a list of people awaiting your interaction or response to an email or social media DM. That way you don’t keep them hanging!

20. Set up projects in your project management system: Whether you use Trello, Asana or something else, I can set up new projects for you, add tasks to the projects and invite participants.

So there you are, 20 ways I can make your life easier. Some of these you might not have even realised you needed to outsource, but hopefully the cogs are now turning…you know what to do! Get in touch for a free discovery call to find out exactly how I can help you.


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